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CHEETAH C32F-SL 35mm Thermal Imaging Scope

CHEETAH C32F-SL 35mm Thermal Imaging Scope

HIKMICRO Cheetah C32F-SL Digital Night Vision Scope performs well under any lighting condition. It has an advanced 2560 × 1440 HD sensor and 1920 × 1080 OLED display, which can capture any object in great detail and with rich clarity. Featuring a specific optical component, it can detect more IR information in fog.

Hikmicro Cheetah Riflescopes are a high-performance dedicated digital day & night riflescope. Optimised to deliver a high-resolution full-colour image in the daytime before converting to night mode to give you a detailed black and white image with up to 400m of detection distance with the built-in IR illuminator. Now with the added advantage of a 1000m laser range finder on the SL and SNL models allowing you to accurately judge distances while shooting in the day or at night.
The HikMicro Cheetah is capable of outstanding day and night time performance, drawing on all of HIKMICRO’s expertise in sensor technology and software design. The inbuilt IR delivers up to 400m of detection range in total darkness and delivers a crisp image to the HD OLED display. The 2.7x optical magnification is extended with up to 8x digital magnification, giving you a magnification range between 2.7 – 22x.

HIKMICRO Cheetah C32F-SL 35mm thermal Scope offers :

  • 2560 x 1440 high-definition sensor
  • 1920 x 1080 resolution 0.49″ OLEO display
  • Supports Day /Night/ Auto/Defog mode
  • Built-in adjustable IR emitter
  • Supports audio recording and recoil-activation recording
  • Support video recording and snapshot, built-in eMMC [64 GB]
  • Detection range up to 400m
  • Built-in laser rangefinder, accurate measurement of distance
  • Replaceable and rechargeable battery



Quickly Spot Targets from Early Daytime to Starry Night

Quickly Spot Targets from Early Daytime to Starry Night

Compact yet Powerful

Plug and play no further accessories needed, CHEETAH is designed to be a perfect portable hunting partner. This device weighs less than 477g and has improved functions.


Precise and Simple Zeroing

Zeroing with Zoom & Freeze function, improves shooting accuracy. Support one shoot zeroing.

Multiple Modes Available

The day/night/auto/defog mode allows you to use CHEETAH in different lighting conditions. Due to a special optical component, it has an increased ability to detect IR information in fog, ensuring 24/7 observation.

Improved Software, Easy to Use

Smart IR function. The built-in adjustable IR emitter allows you to use the device intotal darkness! (Optional for 850nm or 940nm)

Built-in Laser Range Finder, up to 1000m detection, allows you to determine the distance in various scenarios with great accuracy. (Available for specific models)

This model can be purchased through selected independent retailers.