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TS16-50 50mm Thermal Binocular

TS16-50 50mm Thermal Binocular

Our top of the line full thermal Binocular, the 50mm TS16 series is the ultimate high performance binocular for the serious user. With the ability to detect targets through a range of challenging conditions out to distances previously unheard of with traditional thermal tech, a wide field of view and a true binocular image, the TS16 50mm offers the commercial, security, agriculture, aviation and outdoors users a game-changing offering at a competitive price point.

The TS16-50 50mm binocular is able to range vehicles and other similar objects out to a stunning 1500m (or more) in favorable conditions. An aviation cable interface allows connection to BNC, DB9 and USB. Built in GPS can be used to locate the unit anywhere in the world.

Features of the TS16-50 50mm binocular include:

  • 640×512 17um sensor
  • Lens 50mm
  • FOV 12.42 x 9.95
  • HD 1280×960 LCD display
  • DDE (digital detail enhancement)
  • F 1.0 Aperture
  • 3D DNR automatic gain control
  • Colour fusion, B/W fusion, black hot and white hot pallettes
  • Automatic OLED backlight display turns off if no human eyes detected (saves battery life)
  • Manual optic focal adjustment
  • Bi-spectrum image fusion and hot object highlight
  • Video recording, replay, picture snapshot with onboard 32GB memory
  • WiFi hotspot to device, GPS feature to locate unit anywhere on the globe
  • Aviation interface to BNC, DB9 or USB
  • Upto 7 hours running from 4 x18650 series rechargeable batteries
  • IP67 waterproof rating, robust aluminium and rubberised casing for hard use in all conditions
  • Delivered in robust hard-case
  • Sub 1kg weight
  • 3 year warranty

This model can be purchased through selected independent retailers.